WebDev today has launched a new website for Dainty Prints which can be found at www.DaintyPrints.com.  For those that don’t know, Dainty Prints is a very creative company providing the best invitation cards in the industry today. Regardless of the event, Dainty Prints makes outstanding invitation cards that are bound to attract maximum attention and participation giving their customers the chance to host the most memorable events imaginable.

After being approached a couple months ago to design and build a fully responsive eCommerce website for Dainty Prints, WebDev came up with a completely content managed website so the Dainty Prints staff can add and edit page content.  In addition, the website uses the latest in product design and management which allows each product to be customized by the end users.  After check out, the Dainty Prints staff go to work on printing out the customized invitations with each order is tracked and maintained through the website.

If you are need of a great invitation card, be sure to check out the new website at www.daintyprints.com.