Well it wasn’t the reason we were looking for to revamp our website.  But after being hacked, the silver lining to this is we got the chance to put out a brand new website.  This means new blog posts, new social media, and updated services.  More to come in the days ahead as we continue to build out the new site.

For any of you who have not gone through a hack, count your blessings.  I do not wish this on anyone.  At the end of last year, our site looks to have been hit with a phishing attack as numerous pages were generated.  Because of this our page ranks began to drop off and we removed the fake pages and posts from the server and increased security.

Unfortunately, this was to no avail.  And last week was the last straw when the following showed up as our site description in Google’s results.


A new site had been planned for some time, but it had never been the right time.  It lit a fire under us to get this new site out.  While there were many things that were planned for a new release, do not worry, they are all coming in the next few days and weeks.  You will just have to keep coming back.

Thanks for everyone’s support and we hope that everyone enjoys it.  So check out the new site and why our clients keep coming back.