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It’s a daunting task to hire a technical firm to handle your custom web application development or software development. It’s somewhat of a “leap-of-faith”. Are they too technical for me to communicate my business needs? Will they be able to automate, or improve my business processes with technology…AND provide a return on my investment?

Our team focuses on understanding your needs BEFORE entering into costly application development. Our senior project architects are carefully recruited to ensure that they can communicate at a business level with our customers AND a technical level with our internal technical teams. They quickly establish a level of confidence and trust with our customers, so much so, that customers request them for subsequent projects! Together, we make sure that your IT solutions truly meet your business needs.


The Complete Package

WebDev Designs’ versatility gives you the full range of IT services from a single, proven source. We are experienced systems integrators specializing in Internet Technologies including custom web development and eCommerce software development. Our history of solving complex IT issues and delivering premium IT services has made us the technology partner of choice for government agencies and businesses of all sizes.


Our Strategy

Let’s face it, getting started on building a website or an application can seem like a daunting experience. The WebDev team of consultants is here to take away the complication so that the experience is a simple one. We feel that the more our clients are involved in the development process, a better product is produced. Because of this, we guide you through the entire process as we look for each client to be a part of the development team and a part of WebDev.


Discovery and Planning

It all begins with a high level overview of the project in a comprehensive kick-off meeting. The RedPhox team will meet with you to go over any details and uncover crucial information that will shape the direction of the project. Our priority is to establish a common vision with our clients while we explore ideas about your project.

In meeting to determine the purpose of your project, technologies, and user experience (UX) expectations, this helps us ensure that everyone is on the same page. This also allows WebDev to provide a more accurate project plan, timeline, and prevent scope creep.



Whether it is a website, mobile application, or custom application, the design is essential.  But design is much more than the way an application or website looks.  It consists of many things including application architecture, user experience (UX), and visual design.

Working with your team, WebDev starts by creating and refining wireframes.  By establishing a proper work flow of the website or application, our team can begin work on the application architecture, database structure, and visual design.  Focusing on user experience, the UI, performance and scalability, our team of architects and designers are there to make sure your requirements and, more importantly, your vision comes to life.



The development process is the most fun for our clients since we utilize the Agile software development methodology.


We begin by setting up a development and demo environment for your project allowing you to review and test the website or application on your own terms.  As part of the team, our clients feedback is important to us.  Our project management team stays in constant contact with you the entire time.  Weekly meetings aren’t just a good idea, we believe it is a minimum to allow you an opportunity to provide our development team the necessary feedback.  And that is what sets us apart from other companies.  You have direct access to our developers so you vision is communicated directly to those working on your project.



Each project WebDev works on is unique and needs to be deployed as such.  Our architects will create a deployment plan specific to your project and environment.  As with the entire process, WebDev is there for you throughout the whole process.

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